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    For the purchase of Butt Weld Fittings (seamless and welded) and Threaded Connections for oilwells, please consider Awaji Materia. ASK supplies fittings to the world.

    Mechanical Processing Division

    The threading technique used by Awaji Materia already has an excellent reputation in the OCTG market, and Awaji is diversifying into other fields using this technology. The company has also successfully developed this business in the Civil Engineering field.

    Awaji products are found in virtually all industries that support daily life … Awaji Materia is moving forward.

    API Coupling for Casing & Tubing Pipe

    An Oil or Gas well is not complete until the Tubular Products are in place. The Tubular Products are the foundation of any well. OCTG Tubulars are made from High Grade Steel or Alloy. They must contain the collapse forces of the earth and also provide the path to recover Oil and Gas reserves. They must resist high pressure, corrosion, erosion, hostel fluids and gases and endure high temperatures. They must perform without failure for many years and be assembled with the highest integrity. The connections are machined with close tolerances and must perform under the highest loads. They must be serviceable on land and under the sea. The modern Oil and Gas wells have specific requirements for size and grade and the modern Pipe Mills are aligned with these needs.


    High-Capacity Micropile

    In recent years earthquake-resistance strength has become an important issue. Our technology improves the earthquake-resistance strength of a building through reinforcement of the ground. A high proof stress Micro-pile construction method performs seismic reinforcement, slope stability、and retaining wall reinforcement by injecting certain solution for ground improvement.

    A small diameter grinding hole is made by a boring machine underground, then reinforcements such as deformed bars and steel pipes are inserted and cements is injected in.

    Though it is mainly used in expressway construction, it can also be used around buildings to reinforce buildings in regions with soft soil.

    "High Capacity Micropile", it was noted for use in a defensive barrier against the recent tsunami were not destroyed by the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11, 2011.

    Road shoulder reinforcement
    construction( Shizuoka Pref.)
    Tsunami defense wall that used
    High-Capacity Micropile (Iwate Pref.)

    SMA Fish Plates for Crane Rail

    A bolt system is commonly used as a junction system for overhead rails for traveling cranes.
    However, since a crevice is made between a bolt and the bolt hole, a crevice is sometimes made in the knot part of the rail.
    The main part of a crane vibrates because of this crevice, and the hollow becomes larger by repeated contact of the wheel and this crevice.
    As a result, failure of the main part of a crane takes place easily, and the rail must be replaced frequently.
    There is a method that does not make a crevice where a fused spray is poured into the crevice between the rails, but it requires more time compared with a bolt system and the technique is more complicated.?

    “SMA fish plate for Crane Rails,” which our company manufactures, has solved these problems.
    This fish plate maintains its form and even if it recovers its “memorized”form when it returns to a normal temperature.
    As a result, this Fe-based shape memory alloy (SMA) makes a connection with the rail without a crevice.
    Consequently, construction time becomes shorter and it contributes greatly to equipment maintenance management.
    For additional information, please refer to a technical development section for the details of SMA.


    Shimada Shokai (81-3-3212-7211)

    AGF Pipe for Tunnel Construction

    Awaji’s technology also plays an important part of digging tunnels.
    The AGF method is one measure used to improve the strength of the ground where a tunnel is constructed.

    Digging a tunnel in soft soil is not easy. Before the digging begins, pipes are inserted into the ground and special congelation chemicals are injected to improve the strength of the soil.
    For AGF piping, Awaji’s threading technology is widely used.

    photo photo photo

    Tool Joint

    A Tool Joint is the threaded connector to assemble the Drill Stem or Drill Pipe. This connector is friction welded to each end of seamless drill pipe as a Pin and Box. (A Tool Joint has greater requirements than a conventional threaded connector.) Tool Joints have very large Torque Loads and must perform in tension and compression while rotating. Also, Tool Joints are the ware point to the Drill Stem and each connector is protect with Hard Metal banding. The Thread Profile is conical and designed for fast make-up. Tool Joints are designed with a Shoulder to prevent over torque and provide a seal for drilling fluids.

    The oil mining is none.

    Concerning petroleum drilling, how the "petroleum" which is limited resource is drilled?
    Drilling the well to produce petroleum (oil well) is comparable to forcing a thin wire into the stratum piled up in layer like Baumkuchen This wire is a steel tube called an Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG). The cutter (a bit), which is attached by a diamond tooth, is installed at the tip of the steel pipe (drill pipe). The Rotary Drilling method is a mainstream in rotating and digging. At the early stage when the pressure of the stratum and the gas layer is high、the drilled well can burst the drilling fluids, but when the pressure becomes low, bursting is unable. Though the petroleum is draw up by this pump, still it seems to remain as much as 60% uncollected. Recently, the activation by pressing water or gas into this superannuated oil field is performed extensively. It is said that the rate of collection has been improved about 10 % - 15 %.
    In recent years, the oilfield development of great oil well circumstances with severe and indentation condition such as polar region, deep sea-bed and so on is necessary. We would like to take good care of the limited resources.

    photo photo photo
    • Our Business - Our products are used in the following areas -
    • Welding Fittings Division - The fittings of Awaji Materia are used around the world. -
    • Mechanical Processing Division - We manufacture metallic products that are developed using a coupling technique. -
    • R&D Division - Continuous development of our technology supports future growth. -
    • Frange Division - Under Construction -
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